Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Essential Baby Product #2

This essential item is still new to us. We had a moment, however brief, of coherent thinking about a week ago and it lead to the purchase of Essential Baby Product #2, the clear office chair mat.

We moved into our first home in December. Our house has light colored carpeting throughout, including our dining area. We were spending every night spot scrubbing the floor (see Essential Baby Product #1) and were watching our carpet get stained more and more from mealtime with the kids.

The vinyl covers found in baby sections and designed to go under high chairs just didn't work well on carpet and made it virtually impossible to move the chair in and out properly.

We finally broke down about a week ago and purchased two clear office chair mats at Staples for roughly $15 a piece.

They're wonderful!!

First, they're hard and have a rough bottom that sticks to the carpet. The end result is that the mat doesn't move, but the chair slides easier than ever. Great!

Second, they're clear. This is much preferred over the standard Blues Clues pattern or farm animals that typically are printed on high chair floor mats. I now don't have to stare at Blues Clues on my dining room floor!

Third, they're super easy to clean! A washcloth for small messes, or a Swiffer wet for the bigger ones, and with a couple swipes it's clean! Much easier than dragging out the vacuum, then the spot cleaner EVERY night.

For $15, it's well worth it and will last longer than our kids are in their highchairs!!

So here it is, Baby Essential #2! (and you thought you needed that Exersaucer??!!)

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