Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Proverbial Face Lift

After much thinking I have decided to discontinue updating my blog here at Blogger. I have enjoyed writing immensely. It has been good to tap into my writing again and I've decided I'd like to continue with it and even pursue it a bit further.

SO...after conferring with Chuck we've set up a new blog that can be found at it's own unique URL:

Go ahead and visit and see how it looks! We've moved all content from Blogger over to the new site. You won't miss a thing!

Please update your bookmarks to the new site. I will no longer provide updates to this site.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Papa Will You Get The Moon For Me?

When I found out I was pregnant the first time, in 2002, I promptly went out and purchased Eric Carle's picture book Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me?. Chuck had always said he wanted to be known as Papa, and not Daddy, and I thought the book would be a nice way to congratulate Chuck on impending fatherhood. Our happiness however was short-lived when I miscarried a few weeks later. When months and months passed and we still had not conceived I gave the book away to my nieces and nephew on one of their visits and didn't think twice about it again.

I spent some time today reading a blog post on Parentdish asking the question of whether one was a bad parent for not sharing the recent lunar eclipse with their children. The overall comments agreed that it was it was unreasonable to feel that way, especially with another lunar eclipse a mere two years away.

We too put our little ones to bed at their usual time last night during the eclipse. It was below zero where we live....that's right....BELOW ZERO...damn cold...and my little ones are 3 and 2. They wouldn't even remember they saw it by the time the next one rolls around in two years.

However, Chuck and I did bundle up and alternate trips running outside muttering under our breath "&%*$ it's cold!" while watching it. We did think it was great though and enjoyed the time together to cuddle.

THEN we discovered the ONE window in the house that we could view it from IF we laid down on our stomachs and craned our necks sideways. Needless to say it was much warmer. :)

We may not have given the kids the moon this year, but perhaps we will in 2010. In the meantime we're content reading stories about Papas that use long ladders to reach the moon for their beloved daughters.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Enjoy That Daylight While It Lasts!

In case you weren't aware...and it seems that most everyone I've talked to lately has been surprised by this...we change our clocks on March 9th in 2008.

That's right...March 9th.

It's that FREAKIN early.

You're also correct when you stop and think to yourself that it couldn't possibly have always been that early.

It wasn't.

In 2005 the Energy Policy Act was passed changing the time that the US sets our clocks. The time officially changed to the 2nd Sunday in March and the first Sunday in November.

In Europe the times continued to remain the same as what was previously practiced in the US.

"Hey. It's actually daylight already," said Chuck the other morning. He was looking out the bedroom window at the driveway as he was getting ready for work. It was 6:30 in the morning and already daylight.

"Don't get used to it," I said. I felt like the eternal pessimist. But I also knew that in another two weeks we'd reset our clocks and it would be dark in the morning again.

Easter also seems unGodly (no pun intended) early this year. Although it is unrelated to daylight saving time it occurs early this year, March 23. There most likely will still be snow on the ground. There will be no pretty spring outfits, no spring toys to play with outside. It certainly won't be like the Easters that I picture in my head.

For more information on Daylight Saving Time visit: